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   The Romani Holocaust: O Baro Porrajmos

The presentation of this book [The Memorial Book: The Gypsies at Auschwitz-
Birkenau] represents the relationship between the German Sintis and Roms, a
minority, and the majority: it has been left to the minority to document the
history of their persecution and to remind others of it
The Memorial Book: The Gypsies at Auschwitz-Birkenau
K.G. Saur, 1993, p. XVII

That is a powerful statement. In other words, it has been left up to us,
the victims and their descendants, to remind the world of what
happened, otherwise the world would go on, without memory, of a people
that has come to be known as ‘a footnote in history’.  I have come across
few people who truly know who the Romani are, and fewer still who are
aware that the  Romani and Sinti were systematically destroyed by the
SS,  Hitler’s elite hit men.

                                 My mission
My name is Ciuin Ferrin and I have picked up the torch left behind by
those who were gunned down in the remote fields in Europe, asphyxiated
in the gas chambers, experimented on for bizarre ‘medical purposes’  
then given injections to the heart to die. I teach in high schools,
universities, and other organizations to preserve the memory of  those
who lost their lives needlessly at the hands of the Master Race; that
their legacy will not be such a horrible phrase as ‘a footnote in history.’
Through individual lectures, cultural events, and concerts, the
volunteers at the Porrjamos Education Project help raise awareness to
the history and rights of the Romani nation.
In the News:

Jan. 27 Holocaust Remembrance
In 1935, Hitler issued the
Nuremburg Laws, declaring both
Jew and Gypsy were ineligible
citizens in the Reich because of
impure bloodlines. Himmler
organized the death camps and
killing squads and Jews and
Gypsies died side by side in the
gas chambers.  6 million Jews
and 3 to 5 million Gypsies were
murdered due to race. The
atrocities the Russians
discovered at Auschwitz laid the
foundation for the definition of
genocide adopted by the UN in

Since then, Holocaust scholars
have forgotten about the
Rromanies, known as “Gypsies,”
allowing history to repeat itself.
European politicians blame them
for a poor economy and crime. In
the Czech Republic, Rromani
children aren’t allowed to attend
public schools and over 90,000
Rromani women have been
sterilized since 1980. Italy
fingerprinted and photographed
the Rromani in 2008. Neo-Nazis in
Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and
Italy murder Rromani with near
impunity. Germany, France, and
Italy deport the Rromani, and
England practices illegal evictions.
In October of 2011, Thomas
Hammarberg, Commissioner for
Human Right for the Council of
Europe declared “The importance
of teaching about Roma history
cannot be overemphasized. [r]
aising awareness of the Roma
genocide and building …
memorial sites are the least
states could do to honor Roma

The UN declared January 27
‘International Holocaust
Remembrance Day’ to “[c]
ondemn ‘without reserve’ all
manifestations of religious
intolerance, incitement,
harassment or violence against
persons or communities based
on ethnic origin or religious belief,
whenever they occur." Yet
Rromanies will not be allowed to
participate in the UN’s ceremony.

Rromanies aren’t usually allowed
inside the gates of Auschwitz for
their ceremonies either. The
Rromani have been told their
participation would “dishonor the
memory of the true victims.”

The Holocaust didn’t happen in a

Please remember all victims on
January 27 and reject intolerance.
Be sure to visit our blog
January 27, 2-5:30 pm. Ciuin
will host a table at the Cedar
Rapids Public Library at
Westdale Mall in honor of
Holocaust Remembrance