O Porrajmos Education Society
O Porrajmos Education Society was founded in response to growing concerns among Romani educators
across the country that the non-Romani population in the United States receive their only exposure to the
Romani culture through television shows such as
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Gypsy Sisters, and American
, or films like Damn Me to Hell, Thinner, and Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. The music
industry has not helped the Romani cause with Shakira’s
Gypsy and Miley Cyrus’ Gypsy Heart Tour.  
Even video games capitalize on the negative image and stereotypes of Romanies, with Gypsy thieves being
a popular character type in
World of Warcraft.

Many Romani in the United States find it upsetting that non-Romanies control what is portrayed as
Romani because few writers perform any type of research and they rarely contact a Romani to gain a better
understanding of the culture. The founders of O Porrajmos Education Society decided that Romani must
reach out to non-Romanies to bridge the culture gap. While we still cherish our closed society, we seek to
bridge the gap between the Romani community and the non-Romani community to promote peace and
mutual understanding.
O Porrajmos Education Society
In the News:
April 8 is International
Romani Day.
If you are in Iowa City, Cedar
Rapids, or the surrounding
area on April 8th, please join
us at the Old Capitol Museum
in the Senate Chamber for
Romani Artists: On the
Front Lines for Human
The program will
focus on three Romani artists:
Glenda Bailey-Mershon,
author, George Mahia
Vasilescu, artist, and
Timofeyev, musician, who will
discuss their art and their
experiences. Doors open at
6:30 PM and the program
begins at 7:00. Refreshments
provided by
The Wright
Touch Bake Shoppe.

Performances from Eve's
Garden with Glenda
Bailey-Mershon and Vadim
Author Glenda
Bailey-Mershon and musican
Vadim Kolpakov have joined
forces to create a fantastic
program that combines
readings from Glenda's new
book, Eve's Garden, with
music performed by Romani
virtuoso Vadim Kolpakov. To
get their tour moving, they
have created a fund-raising
campaign. To help them get
off to a great start, please
click the link above to donate.