Our Mission:
O Porrajmos Education Society serves as both historians and activists for the Romani (“Gypsy”) nation, as a reliable resource on the current state of Romani
affairs, and, as an advocate for the future prosperity of all Romani.

OPES serves as a bridge between local, national, and international Romani organizations and communities to promote mutual feelings of goodwill by promoting
community events such as concerts, theatrical performances, and cultural exchanges. Both Romani and non-Romani participants are encouraged to exchange
ideas and cultures.

OPES also works with O Baro Porrajmos (Holocaust) survivors to archive their experiences and translate those interviews into both written and visual
materials to be used for public education and to advance the field of O Baro Porrajmos studies.

OPES collaborates with writers of novels, films, and plays to promote the truth of Romani culture and history. Through an outreach program, we promote
Romani speakers to writers’ conferences, private consultations, news and the entertainment industry.

Through these programs, OPES strives to be a driving force for human rights and education, therefore serving both Romani and non-Romani communities.
About Us