Photo Album
In 2014, the Wagon received a face lift. The display may now be
viewed as the original wagon, or as a  smaller display designed for
more intimate spaces. This new display arrangement has proved
quite popular as it is more adaptable to limited spacing.

The new design uses the front and rear panels of the wagon,
utilizing both sides for maximum text space with a smaller
footprint. Even the supporting legs have space for text panels.

The Wagon Display was designed and created in 2011 and
opened at the Global Village in Iowa City, Iowa. The purpose of
the display is to expose students and adults to the history and
current events of the Romani people.

The Wagon uses each side to highlight a different aspect of the
Romani experience. The front is labeled Where We're Going and
has panels covering the Romani nation. The rear of the Wagon,
labeled as Where We've Been,  covers Romani migration, slavery,
and the Holocaust. The larger sides are labeled Who We Are with
panels explaining the distinction between stereotypes and side is
What We Want. This side changes often as it covers current
events in Europe.

The text panels and their corresponding photo panels may be
respositioned or replaced easily using velcro.

There is a shelf inside the base of the Wagon Display to hide a
small stereo system, allowing the Display to play any form of
music or speech.

The Wagon Display visits local museums, churches, schools, and
concert venues allowing hundreds of students and museum
patrons across Iowa to get a glimpse into Romani history and
current events.